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This is Me

Like most artists, I grew up drawing, building and imagining. I always wanted to make a living with art, but what that looked like changed over the years. 

I studied traditional oil painting in college and delved into sculpture, ceramics, charcoal, watercolor and anything else I could get my hands on. It wasn’t until well after school that I discovered glass. The medium was so drastically different than anything else I had done. I loved it. 

Glass is the perfect combination of elegant and badass. I can create something beautifully delicate by playing with a flamethrower. 

Glass is the only medium I have encountered that is so fluid. Every sculpture is created in that flickering state between solid and liquid. Glass rods are melted into molten over a torch, then pushed and pulled midair to control how they cool. Each movement must be precise, each decision sure. Working with molten means you must make gravity your best friend or it will quickly turn against you.  Force glass and it will dissolve or explode. Instead of getting the medium to submit to your intention, you must understand how the glass will move on its own and guide it in a certain direction. Glass artists recognize how different kinds of glass will move based on sight, sound and feel. It gets complicated quickly, takes years of practice and is very, very fun.

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Pure sculpture to make you smile

My background in realistic painting helps me with the proportions, composition and detail in my sculpture. Creating movement is one of my favorite elements to bring to life in my pieces.


Whether it’s a full aquatic scene or a simple pendant, I want to give my customers a new way of seeing the natural life around them. All of my work is devoid of any functionality or practicality. It is beauty for beauty’s sake and fun for fun.

Pure sculpture to make you smile.

Services & skills

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